Meet our
Devan Diwanji
MD/PhD student (3rd year)
Interests: structural biology, neurology, radiology, model airplanes, tea, badminton.
Lauren McHenry
MD/PhD student (3rd year)
Interests: cancer biology, anesthesiology, neurology, tennis, GSW basketball, camping.
Paul Wei
MD/PhD student (3rd year)
Interests: neuroscience, eating, running, art museums, Dallas sports teams!
Maxine Nelson
PhD student (1st year)
Interests: neurodegenerative diseases, therapeutic development, art, traveling, hiking.
Nicholas Stevers
PhD student (1st year)
Interests: cancer biology, fundamental epigenetics, technology, video games, The Great Outdoors, biking.
Meredith Stevers
Laboratory technician
Interests: stem cell regenerative biology, biology of disease, cancer biology, drawing, video games, science museums.
Karen Chan
PhD student (1st year)
Interests: immunology, genetics, classical singing, cooking, piano, exploring cities.