Our Team​​

​Co-founders and Directors ​:

Devan Diwanji
MD/PhD student
Interests: structural biology, neurology, radiology, model airplanes, tea, badminton.
Lauren McHenry
MD/PhD student
Interests: cancer immunology, anesthesiology, neurology, tennis, GSW basketball, camping, oreo thins!
Paul Wei
MD/PhD student
Interests: neuroscience, eating, running, art museums, Dallas sports teams!

Assistant Director:

Mili Patel
PhD student
Interests: neuroscience, psychology, artificial intelligence, dancing, hiking, art adventures!


Karsyn Bailey
MD/PhD student 
Interests: orthopaedics, bioengineering, molecular biology, eating, painting, dogs.
Amity Eliaz
Medical student
Interests: medicine, music, traveling, painting, cooking.
Robin Lea
Laboratory technician
Interests: cancer biology, nutrition, sketching, anime, podcasts.

Alex Merriman
MD/PhD student
Interests: developmental & stem cell biology, surgery, traveling, tennis, skiing, hiking, cooking, Netflix.

Nicholas Stevers
PhD student 
Interests: cancer biology, fundamental epigenetics, technology, video games, The Great Outdoors, biking.


Alison Comrie
PhD student
Interests: learning & decision making, neural computations, sunshine, mountains, international travel, vegetables, climbing.
David Darevsky
MD/PhD student
Interests: road biking, applying computer science and engineering towards understanding Parkinson's disease.
Hannah Graham
PhD student
Interests: developmental neuroscience, loud music, hiking, boxing, cooking.
Sandon Griffin
MD/PhD student
Interests: cognitive neuroscience, neuropsychology, medicine, hiking, cats, carpentry, ice hockey, soccer.  
Lilian Lau
Clinical Research Coordinator
Interests: stem cell regenerative medicine, kick boxing, escape rooms, art, anatomy, gardening, comedy TV shows, Harry Potter trivia.
Maxine Nelson
PhD student
Interests: neurodegenerative diseases, therapeutic development, art, traveling, hiking.
Meredith Stevers
Laboratory technician
Interests: stem cell regenerative biology, biology of disease, cancer biology, drawing, video games, science museums.
Benjamin Wheeler
PhD student
Interests: immunology, RNA biology, T-Cell decision making, 
cycling, reading, hiking, gardening

Past team members:

Billy Zeng, MD student | Brain Camp 2017-2018 Coordinator

Karen Chan, PhD student | Brain Camp 2017-18 Coordinator

Kendal Islam, Undergraduate student | Brain Camp 2016-2017 Counselor

Allison Ibarra, MD student | Brain Camp 2016-2017 Coordinator/Counselor

Shelley Chen, JMP student | Brain Camp 2016-2017 Coordinator/Counselor