Application for Students
This camp is intended for students who are excited to learn about the brain, to meet other students from San Francisco who share that interest, and to interact with students and faculty at UCSF. We hope you leave this camp not only with the knowledge of the brain and its functions, but also with information on how to apply to college, and an understanding of different career options in medicine and science!
Application requirements:
Important date​s:
1. Current high-school sophomore or junior

2. Grade of C or better in biology class

3. Completed application  
February 1st 2019 - Applications open

March 15th 2019 - Applications closed

July 29th - August 3rd 2019 - Camp dates

July 24th 2019 5:30p-7:00p - Orientation (mandatory, dinner included)​​
Option 1 - Apply online
Online student applications open in Feburary!
Option 2 - Submit printed student application
Step 1: Download and print physical copy of student application 
Application available in Feburary!
Step 2: Submit  completed student application
Option 1: submit completed student application online

NOTE: Make sure you have everything filled out including signatures, then upload application as a .pdf .jpeg or .doc file through the link below. 
Application portal open in Feburary!
Option 2: submit completed student application via mail

Campus Box 0934
San Francisco, CA 94143-0934

Option 3: submit completed student application via fax

 (415) 502-6400